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Main Objectives


This International Seminar will promote the exchange of experiences in the application of strategies and practices of social innovation within public policies in Brazil and abroad. Due to the novelty of the theme, the purpose of this seminar will be to mobilize representatives of the public sectors and society for the theme, articulating these agents to build ideas aligned with assumptions in relation to Social Innovation.  Further, the seminar will intend to allow for exchange of information international and national best practices that contribute to the implementation of the SDGS.

In this sense, the Secretariat of Government of the Presidency of the Republic takes the initiative to lead the event, congregating governments, society, the Academy and representatives of various national and international institutions, to articulate solutions aimed at improving public policies aligned with the Brazilian reality and, most importantly, exchange experiences and establish cooperation networks with foreign participants.



Public policies in Brazil are implemented through a set of programs, actions and activities developed by Governments, at all three levels (federal, state and municipal), with the effective participation of the public power, but also with de contribution of various segments of society. Although Brazil has evolved in recent years, the level of human development is still not satisfactory and it faces substantial challenges, many of which aim at attending the demands of society, especially the poor groups.

Although the Federal Government has developed and coordinated a huge set of public policies in several fields, with successful outcome in most of them, the design and management pattern, based on a “supply model” and on a permanent expansion of expenditures has drained in face of the current conditions. Thus, the federal government has the responsibility of evaluating and rethinking uninterruptedly both the financing pattern and, above all, the strategies for the design, development and management of public policies, aiming at greater efficiency and efficacy. Therefore, the continuous process of improvement of these policies is essential.

On the other hand, the successive governments in Brazil persist in developing many of their initiatives without considering the participation of agents related to most territories and institutional arrangements in the design and management of their programs, considering the differences between these spaces and stimulating social participation. Social Innovation presents itself as a strategy that enables the qualitative and quantitative expansion of citizens well-being, promoting human development and transforming the social context.


Expected Results

For the Federal Government, it is essential to conceive a strategy, and develop practices to foster the improvement of public policies, which require greater adherence to social demands, observing the real interests of the citizens in the territories, and stimulating a greater synergy between the State, the Government and Society, and consequently, the following results are expected:

ü  The exchange of social innovation practices within the scope of public policies in Brazil and abroad;

ü  Bring together agents who are aware of the importance of Social Innovation for the improvement of public policies;

ü  The development of a strategy for the improvement of public policies based on the principles of social innovation.


 Target Audience

            Representatives of the various segments of civil society, government agents, specialists, researchers and representatives of various national and international institutions working on Social Innovation and Public Policy issues.


Venue and date

 Brasília/DF, on March 7th and March 8th, 2018. On March 9th, there will be a workshop with the Social Innovation aimed to construct a strategic framework for Social Innovation for the improvement of public policies. All activities will be held at the Serzedelo Correa Institute (ISC) of the Federal Court of Account (TCU).


The Seminar Structure

The event will have the following structure:

a)    Conferences

b)    Panels

c) Round tables with an exposition of cases of social innovation - national and foreign view.

d) Exhibitions of social innovation practices (national and foreign).




International Partnerships


UNDP/UN, IDB. Synergos.


National Partnerships


The Federal Court of Account (TCU), EMBRAPA,